Visa Information

Visa Options for Business Events such as Conferences, Trade Fairs or Seminars

Visa options
If you are planning to visit Australia for a business event such as a conference, trade fair or seminar, you need to apply for a visa. The passport which you hold determines whether you can apply online, or if you need to lodge a paper-based application. The following information will help you identify the right visa and application process.

Online applications

European Union (EU) passport holders, and some other European passport holders, are eligible to apply individually online for an eVisitor visa to travel to and enter Australia. For a business event, the most appropriate visa is the eVisitor (Business stream) visa.

eVisitor eligible countries

  • Andorra                   France                 Luxembourg                      Slovenia
  • Austria                    Germany              Malta                                 Spain
  • Belgium                  Greece                 Monaco                             Sweden
  • Bulgaria                  Hungary               Norway                              Switzerland
  • Croatia                    Iceland                 Poland                               United Kingdom
  • Cyprus                    Ireland                  Portugal                             Vatican City
  • Czech Republic      Italy                      Republic of San Marino
  • Denmark                 Latvia                   Romania
  • Estonia                   Liechtenstein        The Netherlands
  • Finland                   Lithuania               Slovak Republic

A separate online eVisitor application is required for each family member who holds a passport from an eligible country and wishes to travel with you to Australia, including children under the age of 18 who are included on your passport. Applications for eVisitor visas are free. Further information on the eVisitor visa, including how to apply online, can be found on the website.

Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)
Passport holders from a number of countries are also eligible to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) (Subclass 601) to travel to and enter Australia. If you are coming to Australia for a business event, the most appropriate ETA is the ETA (Business Stream) (Subclass 601).
ETA eligible countries If you are a passport holder from the following countries, you can apply for an ETA through a travel agent, airline, specialist service provider or Australian visa office outside Australia:

Andorra                             Malaysia
Austria                               Malta
Belgium                             Monaco
Brunei Darussalam           The Netherlands
Canada                             Norway
Denmark                           Portugal
Finland                              Republic of San Marino
France                               Singapore
Germany                           South Korea
Greece                              Spain
Hong Kong (SAR)*            Sweden
Iceland                              Switzerland
Ireland                               Taiwan**
Italy                                    United Kingdom – British Citizen
Japan                                 United Kingdom – British National (Overseas)
Liechtenstein                     United States of America
Luxembourg                      Vatican City

* A Hong Kong Document of Identity (HKDI) cannot be used to apply for an ETA. If you are a resident of Hong Kong, you will need a citizen passport to apply for this visa.

** Holders of Taiwan passports in Taiwan can apply through an approved ETA travel agent in Taiwan. If you have a Taiwan passport and you are applying from outside Taiwan, you should approach your closest Australian visa office.

Travel agencies, airlines or specialist service providers could choose to charge a fee to arrange an ETA on your behalf.

If you are a passport holder from the following countries you can also apply for an ETA online through the ETA website.

Brunei Darussalam                                                     Malaysia
Canada                                                                       Singapore
Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region) *           South Korea
Japan                                                                         United States of America

There is no visa application charge for ETA applications lodged online but a service fee of $AUD20 is charged for use of the ETA website. If your family members hold a passport from an ETA eligible country and want to travel with you to Australia they must apply for their own ETA. This includes your children under the age of 18 who are included on your passport.

Further information on the ETA can be found on the website. 

Further information regarding alternative visa types can be found at